About Me

Welcome to the gaming blog for Marko Djordjevic.

Why am I talking about gaming?

Well, it’s one of my favorite hobbies and it’s been a major part of my career for the last decade. When I was younger, I loved to write about all the different kinds of popular culture. It started with me writing about the movies I watched (my first website back in the late 90s was called ‘Marko Movies’). I wanted to be the next Roger Ebert so I would watch a film and then write about it. Good or bad, I wanted to be a real film critic and it was fun to do.

As I got older, I started shifting and expanding what I wrote about. From movies, I began to write about sports and video gaming. When blogging got more and more popular, I tried to post stuff on as many sites as I could. I would regularly rant about sports through Fox Sports and my gaming thoughts on GameSpot, IGN, and 1Up.

For me, writing has always been just fun until I got the opportunity to start writing for a small Canadian gaming blog, Game Focus. It gave me an avenue to write regularly, improve my writing, and a reason to keep playing games.

My 2+ years with GF eventually led to me getting a dream opportunity with GameSpot in San Francisco. I would move to California to be a part of one of the best game sites in the world.

Unfortunately, with how the industry works, my time there was short-lived. Although it was not as long as I wanted, I learned a lot and that experience helped me land my next job.

In 2013, I began working for Electronic Arts, primarily working as a Content Manager for the EA SPORTS side of things. It was another dream come true and quite enjoyable.

My time at EA ended in mid-2017. While looking for regular employment, I went back to school to improve my “New Media” and “Web Design” skills. In late 2019, I was hired at Piranha Games Inc. in Vancouver as their Player Engagement Specialist. I was with the company for just over three months until I was offered a contract role at The Coalition, makers of the Gears Series. Until the end of 2021, I was a Web Content Publisher, part of the Web Team there. We recently updated a number of our sites including The Coalition’s Studio Page, The Gears Franchise, and Gears eSports.

In 2022, I spent time at Dapper Labs as a LiveOps Producer for NBA Top Shot. I was in that role until July 2022 when my department was downsized and I was let go.

Currently, I am unemployed but looking at potential opportunities in different fields. I would love to continue to work in the gaming industry but I am open to roles in other industries if the fit is right.

Because I love to write, I want this site to serve as an avenue where I can do that. This site will strictly be my writing on game-related topics. I will try to update this as often as I can. I also plan on doing video content whenever I can. I’m not sure if I’ll do any in-front-of-the-camera content, but if I’m doing anything in-depth around a game, I will do my best to feature something in video form.

In any case, you can also follow me on Twitter where I am usually talking about games, movies, or sports.